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Welcome to Mortgage Calculator for Home Loans.

Our financial calculators are here to help you decide which loan is right for you.

Loan Pre-Qualifier

This tells you how much house you can afford.

House Affordability

This will calculate the income needed to qualify for a loan.

Monthly Payment

This will calculate monthly mortgage payments.

Loan Comparison

This allows you to compare up to three different loan programs, both Fixed rate and ARM

Break Even w/Refinance

This will determine the amount of time it takes to recover the costs associated with refinancing.

Monthly Payment w/ Amortization

This calculates the monthly payment of a specific loan and breaks down the amount of principal and interest paid over the term of the loan.

Early Pay-off

This will help you determine the amount of monthly payment in excess of your regular monthly payment necessary for an early payoff ofyour loan.


With Mortgage Calculator for Home Loans, you find the right type of loan with our online calculators and we connect you with lenders across the US who are waiting to compete for your business!

Here are a few reasons for obtaining a mortgage loan, if you need:

  • cash for a large purchase
  • cash for an investment
  • to consolidate your debts like credit cards
  • to pay off past due bills and straighten out your credit report
  • to pay off a car loan
  • to pay off a large loan
  • to add a room onto your home
  • to remodel your home
  • to help with retirement of a parent
  • to pay for a child's education
  • and anything else that you may need a large amount of cash for

Our web site is designed to make your home loan process as simple as possible! Just fill out one form, then sit back and relax! Mortgage experts in your state will contact you directly to give you their best home mortgage loan quotes offer! Stop searching from bank to bank in search of the product that fits your needs or credit situation! We are here to help!


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